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Welcome to Bonehead Studios !

Im Paul.

I am a Freelance Artist. I create and express a variety of different types of Art using different types of media from canvas art to dry media.

I specialize in Greeting cards.

Not your usual types, but rather a more Personalized type.

Each card is hand drawn and personalized for each person or event. From Birthdays to Inspirational to Everyday.

Just tell me some special qualities about the person you want to grant a wish to and Ill express it for you.

All I need is a photo and a list of traits or qualities.

All my cards are drawn on acid free card stock paper and hand drawn in my Studio. Please see my greeting card gallery.

I also do commissions for CANVAS ART, with a variety of subject matter and styles.

My DRY MEDIA work is highly detailed and true to my own style. I enjoy rendering with pencil, watercolor, pastels, charcoal and, ink wash, and any new media I find different and new.

My little Guy, Bonehead.

Hes a Fun, smart, creative, and expressive little guy.

He is a Bonehead most of the time. Just check out his daily comic.

Architectural Design

Let me help you with your Architectural Designs.

Design and build.




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